The After-Care Centre is situated on the school property. This facility is open throughout the school year and during the school holidays.  

The Aftercare is closed in December.


Homework classes and daily learner supervision is provided by members of the IRG Aftercare staff and university students.





A learner who attends the Aftercare Centre on a daily basis

throughout the year.

2019 fees are R 1170-00 payable with school fees

If paid in full before the end of January 2019 is R 12000-00



A learner who attends the Aftercare Centre on occasion throughout the year.

R150.00 per voucher per day sold in a booklet of four



Regular members are covered in annual fees

Occasional members is R 150-00 per day




Regular Member:

Occasional Member:

Holiday Club:

Operating Hours:



Term time:


Grade R            12h45 - 17h30

Grade 1 to 7    13h20 - 17h30

Holiday Club:   07h15 - 17h30


Contact details:

Aftercare Centre:    011 - 886 8384 (Between 13h00 - 17h30)  Email:


Accounts:                 011 - 787 5933 (Between 08h00 - 13h00)  Email:        Talk to Stephanie Van Niekerk