The After-Care Centre is situated on the school property. This facility is open throughout the year and during the school holidays. However, the Aftercare is closed in December.


The candidates are selected by means of class nominations and thereafter the candidates organise their own election campaigns.

The Councillors are elected by secret ballot. 

The Council elections provide the learners with opportunities to learn about basic democratic processes and citizenship. 


Educational camps for the duration of  three to five days are arranged for Grade Six and Seven learners. The tour venues include  the Drakensberg, Magaliesberg and the Bushveld. 


The school has an extensive range technological equipment. The computer centre is well equipped with the latest educational software and access controlled internet facilities. 

The school also boasts an array of sports fields. These range from two cricket fields, three cricket nets, a full-sized athletics track, three soccer fields. There are a number of netball and tennis courts and the school has been privileged enough to build it's own state of the art swimming facility. 


The Governing Body is a statutory body elected in accordance with regulations promulgated by the Department of Education. It fulfills the duties of the overall governance of the school, which includes the Principal in her ex-officio capacity. Together with the Principal, the Governing Body consists of parents and members of the IR Griffith Primary School staff. The Governing Body convenes at least once a month to discuss the overall progress of the school. 



A star theme has been chosen for the names of the School Houses: 

S - Scorpio 
T - Taurus 
A - Aquila 
R - Regulus 


Second-hand items such as school uniforms and sports attire may be purchased from the Uniform Shop.

The shop is open on a Tuesday from 13:00 to 14:00. 


Every learner is expected to wear the correct school attire. The school uniform or sports attire is to be worn for all evening and sports functions. 


Please ensure that all items such as school uniform, tog bags, sportswear, etc. are clearly marked with your child's full name. 


Snack lunches and refreshments can be purchased at the tuck shop.